concept mappings

Project Overview: Concepts do not come ready-made; they are not ready and waiting to be ‘discovered’. Concepts do not occur as one grand monumental flash, but rather, they arrive as a series of micro-thoughts that occur at the edge of the unthought. What we might thing of as ‘good’ concepts are not filled with content (truth, beauty, whathaveyou) but are, instead, open to ongoing intensification and singularitization. Concept mapping is a simple technique that takes a concepts openness as a departure point for exploring, unfolding and connecting complex ideas and phenomena. Using sticky notes and writing tools, participants begin by brainstorming a concept (or series of concepts) using words, images, and phrases. Next, participants move, group/ungroup, and connect/disconnect these micro-thoughts in order to develop categories, common themes and/or outliers, and dispersive relationships. Using moveable sticky notes allows for flexibility within the brainstorming process, providing an opportunity to test out and continuously transform conceptual connections and groupings.